Our Mission

Root Mamma Brooklyn is made up of spiritually-centered practitioners, each offering their own gifts and services. Our intention is to honor and bring to light the value of feminine wisdom, energetic nourishment, & soulful natural healing. Our collective aim is to cultivate a grounded sense of abundance & support for our practitioners, thereby empowering them to provide pure & blissful offerings. While our focus is to celebrate that which has historically been considered feminine, we also welcome male and non-binary collaborators and practitioners, and hope to build an inclusive community with the intention of serving the highest good.

Root Mamma is a safe space for the LGBTQ community, women, people of color, the differently abled, and folks of all gender identities, religions, and nationalities. Please note that there are a few steps leading down to the space, which may not make it wheelchair accessible. While most of our events are open to all, there are some gatherings which are created specifically for all those who identify as women. Our intention in hosting these women's events is not to be exclusionary, but rather to create a safe space for women to express themselves fully and be supported by their spiritual sisters from a place of love and trust.

We are currently accepting proposals from practitioners who wish to host workshops, classes, or events relating to the spiritual and healing arts. If you are interested in hosting an event at Root Mamma, or renting a private treatment room, please email us at rootmammabk@gmail.com.